Our commitment to providing safe solutions began in the Infection Control Industry. Disinfection Technologies Group is dedicated to providing non-hazardous solutions to both Community and Healthcare markets for the control and prevention of  Infectious diseases including 'superbugs' such as MRSA, CRE and C. diff. Our disinfection process safely kills harmful bacteria, both enveloped and non-enveloped virus, mold, fungi and algae. We utilize products and processes that are safe for people, pets and the environment. DTG BioRemedial Services is based in the innovative field of Environmental Biotechnology. Our focus is on  soil and water restoration, biological maintenance, odor control and pollution prevention initiatives. We have an extensive line of bioremedial products which utilize naturally occurring beneficial bacteria to eliminate harmful contaminants from soils and waterways. We can provide solutions for waste water management, odor control and pollution prevention.