DTG BioRemedial utilizes naturally occurring non-pathogenic microbes to degrade environmental contaminants, including hydrocarbons, from soils and water.


We have a range of products that are specific to known environmental concerns, but we can also manipulate our facultative, beneficial microbes for customized solutions.


A few of our products are highlighted below


Liquid Remediact

Liquid Remediact™ was created to solve soil & water hydrocarbon contamination problems. What sets Liquid Remediact™ apart from all other products is the high concentration of live synergistic bacteria, in a remediation liquid, that quickly starts the bio-remediation process.



Sep-700™ is a revolutionary way to clean, remediate, and maintain residential and industrial septic systems. Using bioremedial technology this product can easily eat food and vegetable greases and oils from septic systems. 


Bio-W™ is a fast-acting floating absorbent designed to absorb and control hydrocarbons on water. This product repels water while absorbing only the hydrocarbon.


FleetKleen™ is an industrial strength degreaser and cleaner for stone, concrete, and cement surfaces. This product contains bio-cleaners and micro-organisms that are demanded by industrial applications.


NavalKleen™ is a uniquely designed liquid product used to eliminate hydrocarbon contamination in Engine Compartments, Bilges, and Deck Areas.